The Blueprint


This One Amazing Discovery Changes Everything!
“The Blueprint: God’s G.P.S.” One Night Challenge!

Do you struggle to understand the Bible?
Are you confused by the maze of teachings regarding the word of God?
Why are there so many denominations in Christianity, and what about other religions?
Are you a skeptic of the Scriptures?

One night, one encounter, changed the life of a former skeptic and signed EMI musical artist turned pastor. 
Now he invites you to take the One Night Challenge, called “The Blueprint, GOD’s GPS.” 
“Give me one night, one opportunity to share with you a message that will reveal the amazing blueprint within the Bible, and prove the authenticity of its prophecy regarding our future.”

Regardless of your religious affiliation, whether you are a skeptic, or just uncertain of religion, this one night will challenge you to the core. It just may be your date with destiny.

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