Mission to the Cities | Manchester


Telling the people of Manchester the Good News: Jesus is awesome!
A coordinated and intentional project, driven by you, our supporters and friends.

“Mission to Cities” is a unifying brand to all Adventist outreach projects within the Trans-European Division. Provides coordination, resources, marketing strategy and follow-up plans to the initiatives.

City life creates “slaves”, the Kingdom of God provides freedom at its fullest.

People living in the big cities within the Trans-European Division being freed by experiencing the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Adventists will inspire people in their circle of influence to become disciples of Jesus Christ by making God known in practice and word.

Values of Mission to the Cities
– Holy Spirit dependency
– Love for ALL people
– Unity
– Team spirit
– Coordinated effort
– Community involvement
– Valuing the diversity of people
– Biblical and practical discipleship

Goals of MTTC London
– Advertising in central London that 3 Million people would be aware of the main theme of MTTC
– 30,000 personal invitations given within our circle of influence
– 60 mission territories defined around the existing Adventist churches in London
– 60 Bible Academies established in the mission territory of the existing Adventist churches
– 60 “Rest Centres” in 60 Adventist churches
– 10,000 guests participate in any activity under the MTTC initiative
– 2,200 starting the discipleship process
– Community services – to free Londoners by experiencing the Sabbath rest
– Youth rallies and different social actions
– 60 Health seminars
– All London churches provide rest
– 50,000 people resting on the “Sabbath sofa”
– Large and frequent media coverage

Let there be hope in Manchester! Because together we can do more