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Mingling and Serving

Adventist cleaning up trash in Cairo in Egypt, a pastor supporting his own ministry like Paul the apostle and urban mission in Philadelphia.

Go Healthy

Van ministry staff serves the multitudes in the cities of New York, Bangkok and many other parts of the world. We also travel to Rwanda to learn about medical missionary work at the Adventist hospital in Mugonero and a program that is improving the health and faith of important people in Singapore.

I’ve Found my Place

Refugees find a home in Austria, children learn manners and moral values in Romania, Adventists in Hong Kong are getting out of their pews to engage the unbelieving masses and mission to the cities with Pastor Doug Venn in the Philippines.

Mission on the Move Pt.4

This week, a changed life in Timor Leste, Global Mission pioneers working in China and our last videos on the exciting series of Mission on the Move.

My Talent, My Mission

A man in his 90s and he is still planting churches, Pastor Mark Finley talks about the importance of Total Member Involvement and Global Mission pioneers working in Tanzania–that and much more on this episode of Mission 360º!

Beyond Borders

A young preacher in Paraguay, the president of the the world Adventist church visits Hong Kong and a Global Mission pioneer in Sri Lanka. All of this on today’s episode.

Urban Centers

Shanghai is a city where numbers do tell a story. With more than 20 million people, this is one of the most populous cities in the world. It boasts the largest bus and metro systems worldwide as well as a strong economy. But when it comes to mission and the Adventist church, do numbers tell a story? Let’s explore it together on today’s episode of Mission 360º.

Finding Hope

I Want This Series–a new TV program that presents the reality of urban mission and how funding impacts mission work to challenging regions. Watch this and more on this episode of Mission 360º.

Just for Kids

Children had a special place in the heart of Jesus. Today our first Mission 360º episode, just for children–and the young at heart. Watch inspirational and true mission stories that have been animated as a cartoon.

Rich Opportunities

Welcome to Hong Kong where Abram La Rue–a Seventh-day Adventist Missionary, first arrived with the Adventist message. Although at an old age, he boarded a boat and in 1888 started working in Hong Kong, China.

The Challenge

When many of us think of the mission challenge, we still think of small rural villages. Those areas are still important but increasingly the cities are our mission field.

Mission On The Move | Part 2

Join us for part 2 of Mission on the Move! Watch to see the impact made by William Ambrose Spicer. And learn about the risks and sacrifices made by some of the first missionaries to go overseas!

No Age Limit

Mateus is an extraordinary young man who has decided to bring others to Christ. From a very early age Mateus began ministering in his hometown. Now he is older but he continues to give Bible studies and lead many people to baptism. On today’s episode, we will also follow Samantha. She is a nurse working in the Amazon region as a volunteer nurse with ADRA!

Total Transformation

Jona is a theology student who benefited from your 13th Sabbath Offerings! Watch and see how your financial support touched many lives in the country of Fiji. You will also enjoy interviews with mission workers and a music video on this episode.

Mission Arena

Judith has a heart for mission! She loves sharing her knowledge with others, to improve their lives. Watch to see how your 13th Sabbath Offerings will be used this quarter! And meet Nemiah! He is working in Fiji to teach the people about health. Watch to see how your 13th Sabbath Offerings can directly support the work in Fiji!

Your Mission Offerings

Miriam asked God how she can change the world. His response allowed her to make a difference in people’s lives. And Gina Wahlen shares some experiences with us and talks about how she has seen the mission offerings touch lives around the world!

Light Bearer

Frankfurt, Germany–this is a city of contrasts. With its vast, shady forests, countless parks, fast flowing rivers, unique museums, tall skyscrapers and beautifully recreated old town, Frankfurt is a stunning blend of the old and the new. Sights and sounds of Frankfurt and mission stories from around the world on this program.

Missionary Tribute

On this episode, we’ll visit sights where Luther passed while in Heidelberg and hear mission stories from around the world. Stories of missionaries who much like Luther, took the higher road despite the costs.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church finds its strength in mission. Its commitment includes a worldwide humanitarian work, and international volunteer program, satellite television and shortwave radio blanketing the globe, a huge publishing program, thousands of schools, a large network of hospitals and clinics, the Global Mission pioneer program, and hundreds of overseas missionaries. I am privileged enough to be the episode editor of these programmes aired across television stations globally.