Joanne + Ryan


Across the waters, two very close friends of mine got married. It was a privilege to be able to make it and share this same day wedding video at their reception.

When it came to capturing every moment of our wedding day, I wouldn’t have trusted it to anyone else but CCM. He was always there ready with his gear to catch the special moments, his easygoing and fun personality was a joy to have around, and his creativity and style brought extra life to the memory of our wedding. He went above and beyond to surprise us with a sneak peak of our day at the end of the reception- we were honored and touched by his skill and effort, and our guests, too, were delighted to see the day in summary. He has such an amazing ability to capture the most special moments and to compile them into a breathtaking production. CCM has given us our memories to enjoy over and over and over again. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Joanne + Ryan – Married on December 28th 2014

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