India 2014 | The Experience


In one of the most populous and geographically diverse countries in the world, R3 began its mission to mobilize youth into meaningful service around the globe. Pune, India is among the most developed cities combining modern innovation, education, and culture. Yet, there still remains a significant need. According to a 2009 article by the W.H.O., less 15% of the nation has access to proper medical care. Thus, R3 coordinated a medical team in partnership with Pune Adventist Hospital to reach various communities with free medical care and clinics. The media team joined the project to photo-journal and video-journal the whole experience. This documentary captures their challenges, triumphs, and fellowship.


When we look at the life of Jesus, we see perfectly symmetrical ministry: teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all illnesses and diseases among the people.
Seven twenty-somethings gathered from four countries to mirror this ministry of Christ in Pune, India. Hearts were knit with Christ and His people; first Bibles were given, cherished, and read; hearts were touched with the practical love of Christ; bodies were healed by the Great Physician; missionaries learned that success is always dependent on prayer.
We are grateful. We are inspired. We are encouraged. We are longing to return and continue. Here is but a taste.


Ashley Bloom is a London-based photographer, illustrator and graphic designer, with a passion for image-making.

“For a long time he avoided picking up a camera. His primary interest had always been illustration and he considered photography just a bit too easy. But a few years ago his resistance lowered and he got curious.

Curiosity became interest, interest became a hobby, and a hobby finally became an obsession. He got a greater understanding of the skill and science involved in capturing beautiful images and now he is hooked. He shoots in a documentary style. capturing the world around without becoming too involved.”

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What is R3 Missions?

R3 is a non-profit think tank that seeks to mobilize youth around the globe into meaningful service.

R3 stands for Redeeming. Rational. Radical.

We create opportunities for Adventist youth to be mobilized into meaningful action for Christ via missions, media and music.

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