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Beneath the surface of Lucifer’s claim that God is unfair and unjust was his resistance and refusal to accept Christ as being God Himself. He wanted the glory that God the Father was giving to God the Son. Beneath the surface, the divinity of Christ was in question.
The History of Redemption, the study of past events pertaining to the redemption of man, is the stage upon which the character of Satan, God the Father, and Christ become clear. God is fair, God is just, and Christ is even more deserving of His glory.
This controversy began long ago in the courts of heaven and today rages in our hearts. Before men and angels, a decision must be made. To whom will you give your whole heart?

What is the concert about?

“God is willing use every aspect of every missionary to draw souls to Him.  R3 seeks to embed a missionary spirit in the heart of its music department.  R3 calls them musicianaries.  Musicians who consecrate their musical gifts for the pure and sole purpose of missions and soul winning.  This culminated in a History of Redemption Concert at 3 different locations in the Moore Area, and over 150 souls came to Jesus.  The missionaries were also joined by a youth from Puerto Rico, who came by faith and was being used mightily on the streets of Moore.  The excitement is growing among the churches, members, and the conference as the mission approaches the evangelistic series in a few weeks.”

What is R3 Missions?

R3 is a non-profit think tank that seeks to mobilize youth around the globe into meaningful service.

R3 stands for Redeeming. Rational. Radical.

We create opportunities for Adventist youth to be mobilized into meaningful action for Christ via missions, media and music.

To Find out more Visit: www.r3missions.org

Beautiful people can help in a few ways:
1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint every aspect of each mission
2. Donate once
3. Establish a monthly donation
4. Encourage those within and without the faith community to give as well!