GeNNex Trailer


Gennex is a global commercial business that operates with a deep social foundation, founded by award winning entrepreneurs and engineers, the focus is to innovate on modern technology and use it to be a force for good, meeting the needs of every individual. We bring a selection of safe, clean, renewable energy products and power options to both low/middle income and corporate customers.

Our Solar products range from lamps to devices that charge all mobile phones and laptops in many different locations, they can pick up both sunlight and artificial light. We aim to be the solution to consumers that have minimal electricity but an abundance of sunlight; the solar products we provide give access to an efficient alternative energy that is renewable.

Gennex is continually innovating we are currently researching ways to harness the energy found in the atmosphere. Radio waves, both man-made and natural, contain electrical energy you can tap using the correct apparatus. GeNNex are innovating to develop radio wave collectors which convert the waves into electrical power enough to charge small electronic devices.