Dorling + Dean


Dean and Dorling are both dear friends and I loved capturing their special day. Their wedding held beautiful vows and they clearly adore one another.

“Since my wife and I have been married, we’ve attended quite a lot of weddings, and before each one, we’re always asked, “So who done the videography for your wedding?”. Without hesitation we point them to CCM, because quite frankly, the vibrant memories we have of our special day would be one big blur had it not been for the quality of work that CCM provide. Nothing is missed, no money-shot goes un-noticed, no minor detail gets overlooked. CCM is everything we could have asked for and more!”

Dorling + Dean – Married on 16th February 2014

DVD Menu

Wedding DVD Design/ Production

*Design and Artwork Ashley Bloom

Wedding Photography

Ashley Bloom is a London-based photographer, illustrator and graphic designer, with a passion for image-making.

“For a long time he avoided picking up a camera. His primary interest had always been illustration and he considered photography just a bit too easy. But a few years ago his resistance lowered and he got curious.

Curiosity became interest, interest became a hobby, and a hobby finally became an obsession. He got a greater understanding of the skill and science involved in capturing beautiful images and now he is hooked. He shoots in a documentary style. capturing the world around without becoming too involved.”

Too see more of his fantastic work, or even to just get in contact with him visit