DiMENsions of a whole MAN


DiMENsions of a whole MAN.
Men, we need to stand. We need to be men of God. We need men to be leaders in their personal lives, family lives and in the local community. Lets face the challenges and beat them.

Dimensions of a whole man is a retreat aimed at 18-35 year olds which is for real men, debating real issues and aims to help young men achieve real solutions.
Why are we running this retreat for our young men of the NEC?
Because ALL men:
Are expected to lead
-Have to deal with different levels of stress
-Need hope and assurance
-Experience different challenges in relationships
-Need to be loved
-Want to live a healthier life
-Need peace
At the retreat we will be dealing with a number of serious subjects such as:

True biblical spirituality
Emotional attachment
Sexual behaviour
Men’s health
Financial stewardship
Life planning and goal setting

Plan to be there. It will help you make a difference to your life and in others
A weekend seminar designed to guide, develop and empower young men, so that they can become more effective leaders in their homes, churches and local communities.

12-14 April 2013

Eastwoood Hall
NG16 3SS

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