AFCOE Europe ASI Video


A short video clip being played at ASI Europe 2013 showing the work done at AFCOE Europe 2013 as well as the Revival weekend which took place in Romania.

AFCOE-Europe is dedicated to training committed students to learn and to apply in a practical setting the principles of Evangelism in order that we may effectively reach as many people as possible with the Adventist Message in the end time in which we live.

Above all, we recognize that,
“We are not placed in this world merely to care for ourselves, but we are required to aid in the great work of salvation, thus imitating the self-denying, self-sacrificing, useful life of Christ.”
EG White, Testimonies, Vol 1, p 325

AFCOE-Europe is for all ages, and for all who have a desire to give a part of their time to do the work which He has called us all to do. AFCOE-Europe is mission-oriented, not entertainment-driven, and students who attend become changed themselves so that they, in turn, may through the Holy Spirit help to change others.