I am an innovative videographer and editor, pushing the boundaries of design and storytelling. I am trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations.

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Weddings, trailers, documentaries and commercials. Check out some examples of my work below.

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  • Joanne + Ryan – Married on December 28th 2014

    When it came to capturing every moment of our wedding day, I wouldn’t have trusted it to anyone else but CCM. He was always there ready with his gear to catch the special moments, his easygoing and fun personality was a joy to have around, and his creativity and style brought extra life to the memory of our wedding. He went above and beyond to surprise us with a sneak peak of our day at the end of the reception- we were honored and touched by his skill and effort, and our guests, too, were delighted to see the day in summary. He has such an amazing ability to capture the most special moments and to compile them into a breathtaking production. CCM has given us our memories to enjoy over and over and over again. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!

    Joanne + Ryan – Married on December 28th 2014
  • Ivor Myers – Power of the Lamb Ministries

    CCM is top quality in professionalism and product. The provided service for us that not “on time” but before time, every time! I highly recommend Clive and his team!

    Ivor Myers – Power of the Lamb Ministries
  • Dorling + Dean – Married on 16th February 2014

    “Since my wife and I have been married, we’ve attended quite a lot of weddings, and before each one, we’re always asked, “So who done the videography for your wedding?”. Without hesitation we point them to CCM, because quite frankly, the vibrant memories we have of our special day would be one big blur had it not been for the quality of work that CCM provide. Nothing is missed, no money-shot goes un-noticed, no minor detail gets overlooked. CCM is everything we could have asked for and more!”

    Dorling + Dean – Married on 16th February 2014
  • Callie Williams – R3 Mission Director

    Clive Coutet is hands-down the best videographer and video editor I’ve ever encountered. It’s not just his excellence, his personal touch, and his attention to detail (although those are phenomenal), but it’s his dedication to improve. Clive welcomes critique and is constantly seeking better angles, newer equipment, and more ways to improve his videos overall. I’ve found that only the best in the field are more interested in improvement than their comfort zones–and Clive is certainly one of the best.

    Callie Williams – R3 Mission Director
  • Tamara + Ree – Married on May 26th 2014

    This man is talented. His camera and editing work are amazing, and he handles his projects in a highly professional manner. Having agreed cover with CCM for our wedding, another engagement came up for them in the US for dates including our wedding day. Clive flew back from the States for our wedding and out again to honour our agreement. We appreciated the time and attention he took before, during and after our day to make sure everything was covered and to our liking, and to ensure we had received our DVDs and were happy with the result (which we were!). Beautiful memories we’ve been able to share with family and friends who couldn’t make it. A true professional; highly recommended.

    Tamara + Ree – Married on May 26th 2014
  • Aiko + Adam – Married on October 27th 2013

    Clive is a media genius. He made our wedding footage come alive and delivered an excellent product that encapsulates the many precious memories that we treasure from this day. I would encourage anyone who needs a wedding videographer to get in touch with CCM and you will not be disappointed.

    Aiko + Adam – Married on October 27th 2013
  • Mark Paden – VP of Communications, GYC

    I have been extremely satisfied with the quality, professionalism, and beauty of Clive’s work. He’s got a great eye for making a beautiful picture, and he’s great to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend that you use his services!

    Mark Paden – VP of Communications, GYC
  • Adrian A. McQueen – Even at the Doors

    I have been very grateful for the help of Clive Coutet. His technical skills are amazing and they have been a great help to myself to enhance many of my projects to reach the highest standard of quality.

    Adrian A. McQueen – Even at the Doors

  • Kia + Anton – Married on 8th Sept 2013

    We can only recommend that you look no further than CCM for your wedding videography needs. Get on the phone and secure the booking now! You will be blown away by the result. Thank you Clive and team for your work.

    Kia + Anton – Married on 8th Sept 2013